The TAIS Inventory

Welcome to the TAIS Inventory. A username and password will be required in order to continue. If you were referred to this page, your instructions should have provided you with those. Please read the following carefully before logging on to take TAIS.

The TAIS Inventory consists of 144 items. Please allow approximately 45 minutes to complete it, although it might only take you 20-30 minutes. Your inventory will not be timed, so please take as much time as you actually need.

Each TAIS Item describes a thought or behavior, or a general statement, to which one of five options...
Never   Rarely   Sometimes   Frequently   Always
...must be chosen. Please make the response which you think most closely applies to you.

As you respond to each item, the next one will automatically appear. If you are unsure of your response to an earlier item, a Previous button is provided for you to navigate back.

Please be advised: DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER'S "BACK" OR OTHER HISTORY BUTTONS. If you do, or if you leave the following pages before completing the inventory, you risk having your responses lost, requiring you to start over from the very beginning. There is no "pause and resume" feature. Finally, please note that occasional slight pauses may occur, which are due primarily to variations in activity on your network and/or your part of the Internet.

Please enter your Username and Password to log on and continue.

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